Pandora on your car stereo…

…through bluetooth!

If you’re a pandora lover, Sony has announced a new line of stereo a that allow you to stream your music through the smartphone’s bluetooth device.

The Pandora integration on the DSX-S210X and the Bluetooth® enabled DSX-S310BTX digital media players allows listeners to stream Pandora via the application on their smartphone, and transfers the Pandora-related controls to the head unit. Both models allow listeners to access their personalized Pandora stations and the ability to fine-tune the listening experience by offering thumb ratings directly on the receiver. The DSX-S210X digital media player is iPhone compatible; the DSX-S310BTX is iPhone compatible and is also the first aftermarket product to offer Pandora integration with the Android™ and BlackBerry® smartphone platforms.

Of course, if you’re like me… I’d rather just get a radio transmitter that plugs into your cigarette lighter with a 1/8″ inch plug for your headphone jack and a usb port to charge the phone… That’s like, what.. $30 at Walmart?

Read more at the droid forum.

Download Pandora Apps for Android/BlackBerry

Pandora: Android Market
Pandora: App World


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  1. This is pretty cool, wonder how much the dock costs.

  2. illinoisvalleycellular

    The Sony DSX-S310BTX and DSX-S210X will retail for $280 and $200 respectively when they hit 12-volt retailers in fall 2011.

    Read more:

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