LINKS: ANOTHER facebook redesign,amazon app store for android, JLo rockin a new BB

ANOTHER facebook redesign?!   Read the full story at mashable.

According to sources, facebook will be launching a redesign to “make the page more ‘sticky.'”

we’ve also learned that the platform — which will include music and video from partner sites — will display the media content a user is watching or listening to on their profiles.

So, essentially, facebook is aiming to become MySpace.  Soon, all profiles will look like a 12 year old girls locker.

Here’s some other fun nuggets in the news today.


[Breaking/Leak] White Motorola 7 Inch Tablet
Amazon Appstore Goes International for Some


Jennifer Lopez Sporting a BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Latest Music Video
BlackBerry Typing Contest in South Korea…


Facebook to Launch “Major” Profile Redesign at f8
Our Holographic Future Will Debut In The Back Seat Of A Car [Science]

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