Don’t you just love this time of the year?  Renting your favorite horror flick, and of course dressing up!

My favorite part is raiding the kids candy stash… don’t lie… You do it too.

I love Halloween… and ghost stories… which actually led me to joining a Paranormal Investigation Group, Extreme Vision Paranormal.

Join me at Reddick Library in Ottawa tonight (10/25) at 7pm for a free presentation.   Also, with A&E’s Paranormal Cops in Princeton at the Elks on Saturday (10/29) at 7pm (there will be tarot card readers and the author of “Ghosts of the Illinois River.”)

OK — JC’s  Favorite Halloween ANDROID apps:

1. Spudpickles Ghost Radar

ghost radar

ghost radar screenshot

Ghost Radar® analyzes nearby energies. Interpretations of the readings are displayed using numeric, textual, and graphical readouts. Results may vary, we offer no guarantees, use for entertainment.

2. Flashlight

What every amateur ghost hunter needs… A Flashlight!  If you’re crawling around in dark spaces, you’ll need this!

Incredibly simple, yet very useful flashlight application. Will use your device’s camera LED as a torch.

3. Virtual Recorder

The best tool any ghost hunter can have… A digital recorder.  This app allows up to 10 hours of record time (depending on available SD/Internal space.)

4. GhostCam: Spirit Photography

If all of the above fail to capture a spirit…. make your own ghost photograph in one touch! Customize your ghost and scare your friend or even yourself. Create your ghost library and make your ghost photo unique! Haunt em, scare em, make em scream!


About JC Heerdt

Research & Development for Illinois Valley Cellular. JC is the research wing of IVC's R&D dept... and loves to bring you wireless news, information and fun videos.

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