Android Pairable Watch: MetaWatch




Just stumbled on this from Make: Online.   Think I know what’s going on my list for Santa.

Toolbox Review: MetaWatch Android-Compatible Wristwatch

 from Make: Online by John Baichtal

The MetaWatch is a sweet-looking programmable watch that can be paired with an Android device via Bluetooth in order to bring some of the smartphone’s functionality to the watch, reducing the need to haul out your phone to check on an alert.

The MetaWatch was originally developed at Fossil but the line was spun off into its own privately-held company. The units cost $199 for either the digital or analog versions. The digital watch has a 96×96 TFT dot-matrix display, while the analog version has two tiny OLED displays and the dial. Both have an accelerometer, a light sensor, vibration motor, a bluetooth radio, as well as a stainless steel case and leather band. The digital watch has six buttons while the analog has three.

The MWM exposes a pretty simple API. The MWM runs as a service, and listens for Intents broadcast from other running applications. An application can, by broadcasting one of these Intents, send a notification to the MetaWatch with custom screen contents and optional vibration. Another Intent allows an app to switch the watch into “Application Mode”, where the app can have exclusive control over the MetaWatch’s screen and buttons. Button press events are sent as Intents broadcast from the MWM, which interested applications can receive.




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