ANDROID APP: Coupon $aving$ Transferred Right to Your Bank Account!

Been doing some couponing app research… First, because of the coupon lady’s appearance at our storeSecond, because after following the lady at Walmart with two carts FULL of groceries at the checkout line… and after 20 minutes of scanning her grocery bill was $69.  Compared to my measly 15 items… of course… worth $110.

Honestly, I’m not patient enough to coupon.

There’s a lot of work involved… Scanning the Sunday paper, organizing, clipping, compiling spreadsheets… If only there were an easier way.  

(I’ve compiled a long list I’ll unleash on the blog Monday — Coupon workshop folks will get it on Thursday.)



SavingsStar rewards you with cash back when you redeem paperless coupons, and believes it can cut through the mobile coupon clutter with a product that mirrors how consumers purchase groceries on a regular basis.

Here’s how it works: A SavingStar user signs up and enters his or her grocery and drugstore loyalty cards. You then browse ecoupons from more than 100 merchants and click on them to link them to loyalty cards. Then, when the customer buys the items in questions, the savings are posted to the SavingStar account.  The user can choose to deposit accrued funds to a bank account, transfer the money to PayPal or Amazon gift cards, or donate the savings to charity.

The Best Bang Coupon Lady is coming to do TWO FREE seminars at our Peru Marketplace Wireless Solutions Center on Thursday.  (Two spots still available for 4pm session, sign up now!) 


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