Hot Mobile Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

Need to pick up a few stocking stuffer ideas?

You can never go wrong with mobile accessories!  Check out the hot IVC accessories, and stop by a Wireless Solution Center to pick em up!

Find an IVC Wireless Solution Center!

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See the accessories below!

Energizer Energi on the Go!


1. Energizer Energi on the Go!

Never Be Stuck without power again!  How many times has this happened to you… You’re out and about and your cell phone dies, no charger or USB cable around… Avoid those incidents where you are left without juice in your cell phone.  Keep a backup battery in your purse or car, with this must have accessory from Energizer.

Bluetooth Headset

2. Bluetooth® Headset

Starting January 1st, all CDL licensed drivers are required to have a hands-free device in their cabs.  This is the way to go… Also, great to mess with people at the store.  “You talking to me?” “No, can’t you see I’m on the phone?  Sheesh!”

Otterbox Commuter Series

3. Otterbox Commuter Series

The Otterbox Series of protective cases have created quite a buzz in the smartphone community… First of all for their ability to protect your investment among everyday abuse.  And second, cause their pretty cool lookin’.

Incipio Cases

 4. Incipio Cases

Add style to a phone, with protection from Incipio.

Gel Cases

5. Gel Cases

Add personality to a phone with a wide range of choices of gel cases.

Media Dock

6. Media Dock

Shown here is the media/charging dock for the Motorola Milestone X & X2.  Charge your phone, watch movies by connecting a HDMI cable to your television with this handy dock from Motorola.  A Dock is also available for the Samsung Showcase i500.

Mobi Headphonies

7. Mobi Headphonies

Only available while supplies last, these cuddly guys pump out an amazing amount of sound.  Charge them with the included USB cable, then plug them in for hours of fun!  You can also buy additional mobi’s and tether them together!  Check out the video below to hear them in action.

Stop by an IVC Wireless Solution Center to get these hot holiday accessories for your stockings!


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Research & Development for Illinois Valley Cellular. JC is the research wing of IVC's R&D dept... and loves to bring you wireless news, information and fun videos.

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