MotoX Users: BACK UP CONTACTS B4 Update!


There is a new software release 2.3 update for the Motorola Milestone X.  If you see that there is an update available, please do the following to make sure that you are able to keep all of your contacts.

Syncing your Google contacts
-Go to settings
-Select accounts
Select your Google account
-Make sure CONTACTS is checked (You should see a syncing process next to the check box)

Exporting your contacts to your SD Card
-Go to your contacts
-Press the Menu Button
-Press on Import/Export
-Press on Export contacts to: SD CARD

To update your phone
-Go to settings
-Press on About Phone
-Press on System Updates

To import your contacts (IF NEEDED)
-Go to contacts
-Press the menu button
-Press on Import/Export
-Press on Import contacts from: SD Card

Screenshots and Instructions from Motorola:

Backing up your contacts
If you would like to backup your contacts onto your external SD memory card, please follow these steps:

1.  Tap on the  Contacts “Contacts” icon from your home screen

2.  Press Menu > More > Import/Export


3.  Select the option to Export to SD card


4.  You will be prompted to confirm the export (backup)


5.  After clicking OK, your contacts will be backed up to your external SD card.


Restoring your contacts to your phonebook

If you would like to restore your backed-up contacts from your external SD memory card, please follow these steps:

1.  From your home screen, touch your phone dialer Image  from the application dock and touch Contacts to see your contact list.

2.  Press Menu > Import/Export


3.  Choose the option to Import contacts from: SD card


4.  Choose the account you want to restore your contacts to.

It is recommended that you configure a Gmail account to restore your contacts to.  This will ensure yourcontacts will be saved to your Google account in the future.


5.  After clicking on OK, your contacts will be imported into your phonebook


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