Save Time and Money with Couponing Apps


You can scan your product, and it contacts Google to find the product. You can put in a custom field for the amount you have on hand, and the price you paid! It’s like a mobile inventory and pricebook combined! Memento is a personal database that allows you to store all personal data in one place. You can sync your entries with Google Docs. Collections, purchases, inventory, recipes, tasks – let Memento handle all that. Thanks to the flexibility of the database program Memento, you can comfortably manage data of almost any kind.

Coupon Cloud

Just look at the name of this Android coupon app. Catchy, right? It’s also not really true, because there’s nothing that would fit the definition of cloud computing here. You should forgive it for its misleading name however, because it’s a great coupon app. How It Works: The coupons are displayed in two types – Coupon Codes and Digital Coupons. Coupon Codes are used by visiting the retailer’s website, adding your purchase to your shopping cart, and applying the coupon code (usually at checkout). Digital Coupons are used in store (by showing your phone to the cashier or printing the coupon at home) or online by typing in the coupon’s information.


Want to find deals near you? GeoQpon is the app for you. As the name implies, it’s focused on presenting users with deals based on location. That’s handy for many users, but it will be of particular use to people who travel frequently. There’s a lot of selection presented by this app, but despite that, the menus remain easy to use. The entire experience feels nearly as quick as Coupon Cloud, which is considerably more limited in scope. Filtering is here in spades as well, as users can list coupons by category and view them based on either location or brand. Once you’ve decided a deal is appealing you can open it via Google Maps using the app interface or you can call the store for directions and hours. This is another trait that makes this app stand out, as not all coupon apps make it so easy to find the deals that they list.

Grocery Smarts

At first glance, Grocery Smarts is a rather ugly little app. While fairly smooth, it’s mostly done in black and white, which gives off an amateur impression compared to the other apps listed here. As I dug deeper however, I found that I liked what Grocery Smarts offers. Calling this a coupon app isn’t entirely accurate. Instead, this app sorts through grocery store advertisements and lists all of their current deals, including those that do not require a coupon. Often these deals can save you even more than coupons do. Better yet, Grocery Smarts lets you add items to a list, and will then tell you the expected total of your purchases. You can save the list and retrieve it when you do your shopping. These features are enough for me to forgive the unpleasant appearance – although hopefully the developers will address it.

The Coupons App

Enjoy awesome savings at your favorite department stores, restaurants and gas stations with one of the most popular coupon apps for

  • Barcode scanning to find matching prices
  • The ability to share coupons by email, Twitter and Facebook
  • The ability to do a voice search of available coupons
  • Save coupons to your calendar or a map.

Best of all you can simply display coupons from the phone to redeem it.

Grocery iQ

Use this app to quickly build your grocery lists by simply: saying the name, scanning the barcode, or using the predictive search feature. As it relate to lists, you can create several shopping lists so you can have one for the garden-store, supermarket or make a list of ingredients to bake your next pound cake. The app allows you to search for coupons by category, and if you like, you can send a coupon to a friend or print it out if you prefer to have a physical copy to go shopping with. Now you can edit your list at and sync it to your phone


Groupon’s subscribers leverage the power of collective purchasing by signing up for daily deals in select cities. If the minimum number of purchasers signs up, then the coupon is activated and users receive a deep discount on a product, event or service.

Coupon Sherpa

This coupon app allows you to take advantage of in-store merchant discounts without the hassle of clipping or printing out coupons. The location-based software uses your phone’s GPS to identify coupons for stores in your vicinity. To redeem, the cashier scans a bar code from your device or enters a numeric code. You can also customize the display to highlight your favorite merchants and filter out the duds. Special coupons for app users are available as well.


Quickly search for a product when you’re at a store and find out where else you can buy the same product for cheaper. Use your phone’s camera to scan product barcodes, wait until ShopSavvy identifies the product, and get the best possible prices for the same product. You can find bargain prices at a store, mall or even at online sites. This is a guest post by Zocco who writes about coupon codes and deals at coupons blog where he regularly shares TRX discount coupons and eReleases coupon codes.

SavingsStar: Loyalty Card App

The newly launched SavingStar web, iPhone and Android apps reward consumers with cash back when they redeem paperless coupons, and the startup believes it can cut through the mobile coupon clutter with a product that mirrors how consumers purchase groceries on a regular basis.
Here’s how it works: A SavingStar user signs up and enters his or her grocery and drugstore loyalty cards. He can then browse ecoupons from more than 100 merchants and click on them to link them to loyalty cards. Then, when the customer buys the items in questions, the savings are posted to the SavingStar account.
The user can choose to deposit accrued funds to a bank account, transfer the money to PayPal or Amazon gift cards, or donate the savings to charity.

Key Ring Rewards Card

Save All Loyalty Cards to Your Phone Using the #1 Loyalty Card Mgmt App Key Ring
Key Ring Features:
• Add all your loyalty/reward cards
• Tons of FREE Coupons from the top retailers! % Off, $ Off, BOGO
• Supports 700 + programs
• Join new reward programs
• Barcode scanner
• Backup, restore, and print cards (
• Homescreen widget
• Grocery coupons for 29 chains(v 2.1 and above)
• Store locator, notes, community info, store info


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