ID Now Shortcut for Sound Hound

Have you ever been listening to the radio and wanted to know that song? There’s a shortcut for Sound Hound that lets the user ID instantly without having to open the app and tap ID now.

In order to add the Shortcut you must first download Sound Hound!

1. Press and hold on one of the home screens and press add shortcut. Scroll down to ID now with Sound Hound

2. Add the Shortcut to the preferred screen

3. Open the Shortcut and ID instantly

For those who don’t know what Sound Hound is it is an Android app either paid or free that lets the user ID songs instantly. Whether listening to the radio or eating dinner users can identify the song that is playing. Sound Hound also enables a History and Texting. There are many cool things that Sound Hound can do.

Get Sound Hound Now For Free

About Jon Robison

Current Wireless Solutions Specialist at Inland Cellular in Moses Lake, Washington. Former Product Development and Research and Development employee at Illinois Valley Cellular. Went to Olivet Nazarene University for 4 years and studied radio.Graduated in 2010.

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