IVC’s Friendly Message Alerts

So… Why am I receiving text messages?

You asked…

How does my phone work?  When can I upgrade?  Are there any special offers?

IV Cellular listened…  IT’S HERE!  IVC’s friendly message alerts.

FMA’s are Text messages specifically customized to your IVC account…

How does it work?

In the past, IV Cellular would contact you by mail, with account change information… upgrade letters…  special offers.   Now an eco-friendly solution to answer all of your questions….

Friendly Message Alerts… Delivered to your mobile phone as a text message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Text Message I just received from you guys?
They are messages from our New Program called “Friendly Message Alerts”

What happens if click the link in the Text Message?
If you click the link inside your Text Message it will open a mobile web page with more info

I clicked the link and nothing happened?
You need to make sure you have a “Data Plan” to open mobile websites

Am I being charged for this Text Message?
No – You are not being charged for any message sent from our FMA Program

Can I stop these Text Messages coming to my phone?
Carrier to consumer communication is mandated by the FCC , not to mention important to you, the customer.  Text messaging is the quickest, most direct and convenient way to get you the information you need regarding your account.

How often will I be receiving these Text Messages?
FMA Messages may average 1 – 2 messages per month, but will vary depending on account activity

Can I pay my bill from my phone?
Yes, simply click the “Manage your bill” section in the mobile website and log in to pay your bill

About JC Heerdt

Research & Development for Illinois Valley Cellular. JC is the research wing of IVC's R&D dept... and loves to bring you wireless news, information and fun videos.

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