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How did I do?  Get a chance to hear “tech talk” this morning on Walls 102?  You know,  you can stream it on your android phone… Well, don’t miss the next one on May 1st after 8am.

No worries… If you miss it, I’ll recap it here on the blog.

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Talked with QDawg today… wait… wrong dog…  Talked with Dog Hannon on WALLS 102 this morning, about the challenges of being a parent… and if you have small children… You know, it’s not easy.  Those “llama llama books” have been great with helping your 4 year old deal with his emotions…. But, it’s still a fight to get them going in the morning, do chores, take baths, even getting to bed at night.

In my house, with (soon to be) 5 year old boy/girl twins and a 6 year old son… things have been getting out of hand… attitudes, bedtime, crabbiness, whining, and slob like behavior.  So, my wife established the “all so important” and mandated by Jo “the Supernanny” House Rules.  And — for following the rules and doing the daily chores, the children would be rewarded with stars on a chart.  However, a regular chart just wouldn’t do… Not when you have an Android phone… You can amp up the reward chart to the next level…. with iRewardChart.

iRewardChart – “Winner of “Best Parenting App” two years in a row (2010, 2011), via “

From the Play Store:

iRewardChart makes it easy to reward your children for good behavior and keep them motivated.

1. Type their name,
2. Select a few tasks from our list of suggestions, and
3. Reward their accomplishments with a single tap in the weekly chart

When stars have been earned, your child can pick from the default list of suggested rewards, or you can setup your own custom rewards especially tailored for each of your children, like “$2 Pocket Money” or “One Hour Of TV”.

Children love to feel responsible, challenged and respected. But most children don’t like being told what to do… iRewardChart also allows you to set up abstract goals like “Patience” and “Sharing With Others”, so rewards teach the virtues you want your child to learn.

We have a TON of toys between the three kids, so we set up a reward of 1 star for every toy they donate to Goodwill.  Are your kids obsessed with IHOP?  Mine are, so we made it a reward for 60 stars.  Love this app!  Bathing and getting ready in the morning is sooo much easier.

The full version is $3.99

“iRewardChart Lite” is a full featured free version with only the following limitations:

– It supports a maximum of one child.
– It supports a maximum of four tasks per week

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  1. Thank you for shoutout. Sorry, I didn’t exactly get this. Is it supposed to be a radio show? Is it archived somewhere? Would appreciate a link, so that I can spread it to our friends on FB ( or on Twitter (@iRewardChart).
    Thank you! 1 star for every toy the kids donate to Goodwill! Thats really nice! 1 star to parent everytime they encourage their kids to donate to Goodwill.

    • IV Cellular is a wireless carrier in North Central Illinois, and we sell Android phones… And, our product development team does a monthly tech talk on local radio station Walls-102. We’ll be posting the audio soon! Thanks! Love your app!

  2. Thanks, Certainly do let me know when the audio is out. Pls send us an email at this email address. Or simply post here, I am subscribing to the comments.
    Glad the app helps!

  3. We just put the audio in this blog. iRewardChart if you would like the audio I can get it to you.

  4. I think this idea could work with older children that have their own phones, but for younger children I think it makes more sense to have a physical sticker chart somewhere that they can see it. It then acts as a constant reminder, otherwise children are likely to forget all about it!


    • I’ve been using iReward Chart for 2 months. And I have 3 small children… and they love it! We make it routine every evening. They touch the screen and put their stars on. Plus, they like the checkout feature, where they can cash out their points for rewards. With any reward system, it falls on the parents to be the ones who actively use it… The parents are more likely to forget about the system, not the children.

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