Replacement Email App for Stock Email on Android Phones

Here at Illinois Valley Cellular in R&D we have realized that all email providers don’t work with the stock email on the Android phones. In searching we found a great replacement email client called K9 Mail. One of the providers we know is not working is MTCO. Below is a walk through of how to set up a MTCO email using K9 Mail.

Go to the Android Marketplace

Search for K9 Mail

Download K9 Mail

Go into the App Tray and open K9 Mail

Once you open K9 Mail select Next

Enter your email address and password and then select Manual setup

Select POP3 for the account type

On the Incoming server settings for the POP3 server type

For the Security type select SSL (always)

For Authentication type select Plain

For Port type 995

Select Next

This screen will come up after you edit the Incoming Server settings select Accept Key

For the Outgoing server settings

For SMTP server type

For Security type select SSL (always)

For the Port type 465

Check Require sign-in

For Authentication type select LOGIN

Select next

Setup Folder Poll frequency Number of messages to display and the notifications to the way you would like then select Next

Give the account an name and then type your name and select Done

Once the Setup is done your folder will appear and you can select the folder to see your Inbox

You can add multiple accounts by repeating the steps above once again the account I set up is for an MTCO Account. All account settings are different. Below is a list of account settings for different email providers.


About Jon Robison

Current Wireless Solutions Specialist at Inland Cellular in Moses Lake, Washington. Former Product Development and Research and Development employee at Illinois Valley Cellular. Went to Olivet Nazarene University for 4 years and studied radio.Graduated in 2010.

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