The Truth about Screen Protectors [VIDEO]

So you guys have battery problems? Cool.

I never did, until….I installed a screen protector!!

I realized after a few days that my battery life was drastically shorter. I also realized that I had inadvertently covered one of the sensors on the front of the screen by the speaker with it, because the whole was not lined up perfectly.

My guess is that it is possibly misreading the amount of light entering the screen and my “auto” brightness is pulling a lot of battery.

I took the screen protector off, put on a fresh one – lined up properly – and POOF! Battery life was doing great again. – Android Forums, January 2012

It is essential to get the right screen protector for your phone!  The screen protector should be made for your device and line up with the screen when installed.  We’ve seen devices get all jacked up for not having the proper screen protector.  If it’s too large, or not aligned properly — The device’s proximity meter gets screwed up, because it is covered by the screen protector… and the phone will appear to go dead.

Jon joins me to show you how a screen protector can cause issues.

About JC Heerdt

Research & Development for Illinois Valley Cellular. JC is the research wing of IVC's R&D dept... and loves to bring you wireless news, information and fun videos.

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