Some Gave All… All Gave Some…

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. For those who live and work in Marseilles, every day is Memorial Day…. The large granite slabs that line the banks of the Illinois River are engraved with the names of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country… your country.

And it hits you. These young men and women volunteered. They go months, years without seeing their families… a sacrifice not only on the brave soldiers, but also on their families. Why? Your freedom… Your safety.

Thank you Veterans, thank you to their families… for your sacrifices.

The Wall is constant reminder of what you gave, for us.

Join the thousands of motorcycles and military friends, family and supporters on June 16th in Marseilles for the 10th anniversary of the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run.   One gold star family plans to make the trip from Colorado to Marseilles on foot to honor their fallen son.  Read that story here.

Here is a tour of the wall from a few months back…

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