Sonim Technologies are counting down the Top 10 firsts for Sonim… Our torture tests — Dreamwave Wrestlers vs. Sonim XP 3400 and my 4 year old son Ben vs. Sonim XP 3400 came in at number 10. Awesome.

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Kicking off our Top 10 Firsts series, we have Wrestlers & Kids at #10. Compiled below, we have videos of all the different ways our Sonim phones have been put to the test and survived assault from wrestlers and young kids (we can’t say who’s worse to the phone really!).

Here’s a video from our ACG partner, Illinois Valley Cellular (IV Cellular) where they pit the Sonim XP3400 Armor against wrestlers from Dreamwave Wrestling:

Another classic video from IV Cellular where our ultra-rugged phones get tested out by a persistent 4-year old:

This is a video of one of our older phones, the Sonim XP1, being bandied about kids in an ice hockey team using the phone as a puck:

To round out the selection, here’s our video of the latest phone in our portfolio XP5520 BOLT (launched in Canada with Bell’s Push-To-Talk network) being whacked by MMA star…

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Research & Development for Illinois Valley Cellular. JC is the research wing of IVC's R&D dept... and loves to bring you wireless news, information and fun videos.

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