BlackBerry has updated their facebook app. This will be good for you, if you use “groups.” No more bouncing to the browser to interact.

Inside BlackBerry

Last time we checked in on the Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones app, it received a major update and became BBM™ Connected. In the meantime, the development team here at Research In Motion (RIM) has been hard at work bringing improvements to make this popular app for BlackBerry smartphones even better. Best of all, you get to reap the benefits because it brings some new features that #TeamBlackBerry has been asking for.

Let’s take a look:

First, we’ve added “Facebook Groups” to the app. Facebook Groups keeps you connected to the different groups and organizations that you belong to. You can keep tabs on the Groups you’re already a member of, right from your BlackBerry smartphone. You’ll be able to post your updates, comments and media. You can even check out the profile info of fellow group members and get notifications when other members make updates.

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