Need an Olympics Fix? Try these apps.

Every four years you find yourself on the edge of your seat, cheering on the USA, as a young lady in full white bulletproof garb fences her way to a gold medal.

USA’s Courtney Hurley reacts during a women’s individual epee fencing round of 32 match against France’s Laura Flessel-Colovic at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Monday, July 30, 2012, in London. (Dmitry Lovetsky / Associated Press)

<<record scratch>>

“Women’s fencing?!  I’m watching women’s fencing?”  


Yes.  The Olympics.  The only time you get hooked on equestrian events, gymnastics (wait, did you seriously just DVR the men’s pommelhorse event?), and team archery.


Which, is why…  It’s awesome that NBC has chosen to STREAM ALL OF IT… TO YOUR ANDROID.

There are two separate apps.  One is the “Primetime Companion” which has all the news (contains spoilers if you watch the tape-delayed primetime events) from the London games, schedules, and surveys and bios relevant to the primetime programming.

The other, better, more awesome app (when it’s working properly,) is NBC  Live Extra.  This contains live streams to all the games… So, far… I’ve enjoyed archery, handball, women’s fencing, women’s soccer, and one Dreamteam game (still not as good as the 1992 squad – I don’t care what Kobe says.)

By the way, the Olympic stream from NBC looks stunning on the Samsung Galaxy SII…   in white.



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