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Telular Tech Tips: Wall vs. Phone

Plugging Your Telular Into The Wall VS. Plugging Directly Into The Phone System

Many people love the feature of the Telular home phone terminal system because of it’s ability to let you use all of your same phones in your house (up to 5) without having a landline coming directly into your home. However, sometimes, people do run into problems when plugging their phones in over the wiring in the home.

There is a simple way to get the best possible sound quality out of your home phone system. The best way is to plug all the phones directly into the Telular. This can be done very easily by having a base unit phone system that can have handsets spread throughout the house.

By setting your home phone network up this way, you won’t have to plug the Telular into a wall phone jack at all. You can just plug the base unit directly into the Telular and then plug all the handsets into the power outlets and be able to get much less disruption on the phone line. This is because you won’t need to worry about using the wiring in your home at all! This is great news because it frees you up to plug your home phone system in wherever you would like.

The cost for these types of phones vary, but you can typically find them for between $40-$100 for the base unit and a couple of handsets.

If you already use our Telular home phone system, you might want to consider switching out your phones to this system, as they will give you more flexibility in placement, better sound quality, and possibly nicer phones!