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UPDATE: Samsung Showcase i500 to 2.3 Gingerbread

Open this document for details on how to install the 2.3 Android update

Samsung has released a software update for the SCH-I500 Showcase which is recommended to be installed. This software will update your Samsung SCH-I500 Showcase to Android 2.3.4 software Version SCH-I500.EH09. For a complete list of modifications included in this update please refer to the Release Notes section at the bottom of this document.

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Android: Gingerbread Shortcuts

Soon we will be rolling out Android 2.3 (gingerbread) software updates for the Motorola Milestone X, HTC Merge, and the Samsung i500 Showcase.

Here are some tips for the new software from google:


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VIDEO: Android – Contacts Import

Make sure your contacts are all “synced” with your Google account.

If you’re adding a contact, make sure you save it as a Google contact, otherwise, if you reset your phone, or get a new android… Your contacts will not be there.

Here, I walk you through exporting your “phone” contacts and then importing them to Google.  (I’m using the Samsung Showcase i500 running Android 2.3)

*NOTE: if you have facebook synced into your contacts, remove the facebook contacts first, before the export.