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On Star Remote Link Now Available for BlackBerry

On Star Remote Link is now on BlackBerry and it’s free. If your car has On Star go ahead get it 😉 it does require a subscription.

Get On Star Remote Link from the BlackBerry App Store

Angry Birds on the BlackBerry?!…Close Enough

The BlackBerry is an awesome phone but what is the biggest down fall to the app world? No Angry Birds. The Android users have it and the BlackBerry users want it. Jonesing for some Angry Birds on your BlackBerry? There is a solution. The app is called Angry Farm. It looks the same as Angry Birds but instead of using birds, farm animals are used to kill foxes instead of pigs. There is a free trial for the app in the App World. The full version is a little pricey at $4.99 but worth every cent. Enjoy!


Download Angry Farm (for $4.99) from BlackBerry AppWorld