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BlackBerry 7.0 Users please update to 7.1 Bundle 1149

BlackBerry 7.0 users please update to the BlackBerry 7.1 bundle 1149.   (READ: how to update BB)

It will fix issues with BlackBerries including the power/bricking issue.

The new software also adds CMAS capabilities for instances such as Presidential and Amber alerts. Before updating please make sure you have the BlackBerry Desktop Software. Once that is installed please select your BlackBerry device and download the 7.1 Bundle 1149 for Illinois Valley Cellular Devices.

Thanks!  Enjoy the new BlackBerry 7.1 Software!

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BlackBerry Torch 9850 and Bold 9930 Users Update to 7.1

If you have the BlackBerry Bold 9930 or Torch 9850, is is extremely important to update to 7.1 software. (Read this post to learn how to update using BlackBerry Desktop Software.)

There is a BlackBerry power bug in the 7.0 software on the newest Torch 9850 and Bold 9930 that you will see when your device drops below 10% of battery, then charged overnight, the device will die and not turn on again.  This is sad… however, RIM has assured us… there is a fix (to prevent this from happening to your phone.)

Please update to the 7.1 software. Please make sure you have downloaded BlackBerry Desktop software and back up the device before updating it.

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