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Stocking Stuffers from IVC Wireless Solution Centers

Last minute shopper?

Take advantage of these great stocking stuffers available at the IVC Wireless Solution Center near you!

Need Bluetooth headphones for when they start their New Years Resolution workouts?


Try the Plantronics Backbeat 903’s!  Only $59.95

Throw in an armband to hold the phone during the workouts for $14.95

Can’t go wrong with a 5 pack of Universal screen protectors (WriteRight) only $14.95

After the recent storm and power outages, did you find yourself in your car charging your phone?  Don’t do that again!

Get a Powerbank for $44.95

Does your gift recipient drive for a living?

Can’t go wrong with a Motorola H730 Bluetooth headset for $59.95

Also — 3 in 1 combo usb chargers for $34.95





Bluetooth Accessory That Makes Life Easier

Last Friday I was trying to figure out a way to make it easier to use my phone in the car while driving. I walked out front to the Sales office and saw the Motorola Roadster. I purchased this and haven’t looked back yet. The Roadster allows you to answer calls hands free in the car with your voice. You can also use the FM tuner to talk to contacts through the speakers in the car. The Roadster also allows users to text hands free.

For the convenience of hands free talking, The Roadster is $69.99 plus tax (only if purchased at the Illinois Valley Cellular Wireless Solutions Center.) Purchased elsewhere prices could be as high as $99.99 and up.

Totally worth it.

Check Out The Motorola Roadster

Pandora on your car stereo…

…through bluetooth!

If you’re a pandora lover, Sony has announced a new line of stereo a that allow you to stream your music through the smartphone’s bluetooth device.

The Pandora integration on the DSX-S210X and the Bluetooth® enabled DSX-S310BTX digital media players allows listeners to stream Pandora via the application on their smartphone, and transfers the Pandora-related controls to the head unit. Both models allow listeners to access their personalized Pandora stations and the ability to fine-tune the listening experience by offering thumb ratings directly on the receiver. The DSX-S210X digital media player is iPhone compatible; the DSX-S310BTX is iPhone compatible and is also the first aftermarket product to offer Pandora integration with the Android™ and BlackBerry® smartphone platforms.

Of course, if you’re like me… I’d rather just get a radio transmitter that plugs into your cigarette lighter with a 1/8″ inch plug for your headphone jack and a usb port to charge the phone… That’s like, what.. $30 at Walmart?

Read more at the droid forum.

Download Pandora Apps for Android/BlackBerry

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