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Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3

So, have you upgraded your Android device?  If you hear people in the “Android community” referencing dessert foods… It may be the latest software update to your smartphone.    Love donuts?  2.1 was known as “eclair.”  How about frozen yogurt? 2.2 is “froyo.”  And “gingerbread” is 2.3.

So, what’s the difference in software version?  We compiled this list with help from

Android 2.2 software improves upon 2.1 by:

  • increasing speed and performance
  • adding USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot
  • app installation to the memory card*
  • Flash 10.1 support
  • improved support for Microsoft Exchange over 2.1
  • modified and added APIs

*depending on application

Android 2.3 software improves upon 2.2 by:

  • system-wide copy/paste support
  • support to sensors
  • natively supports multiple cameras
  • adds multiple sound effects
  • improvements to the file system

From the Android Authority:

Top 5 Things to look forward to with Android 2.3 Gingerbread:

  • The new on-screen keyboard: Many of us have strayed away from the default Android keyboard for varying reasons but many users keep it not wanting a 3rd party option. Now users will be presented with a more refined keyboard with faster input, intuitive typing, and a better cut/paste interface.
  • Streamlined user interface: The overall Android UI has been refined with a more appealing color scheme and the entire platform has been improved across the board.
  • Application and power management: Android 2.3 will offer the user a superior understanding of what is running in the background and potentially draining their battery so that they can decide which applications to run.
  • Internet calling: VOIP is undoubtedly the future for those with good or unlimited mobile data plans, and many VOIP carriers are a better option for the average user. Android 2.3 has VOIP integrated directly into the OS.
  • Download management: You will now finally be able to view and manage all of your downloads in a single place, which is a must-have for power users.

The android software updates are not compatible with all devices, to check your Illinois Valley Cellular device for updates, click here.