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The Truth About Liquid Damage [VIDEO]

Summer is coming… and after 8 months in a row of above average temperatures… it’s gonna be here before you know it!  That means, more time around water… and more possibilities to liquid damage your phone.

image from wikiHow

I talked with Jackie from IVC Wireless Solution Center in Marseilles about liquid damage, the importance of insurance, and how even moisture from the shower can liquid damage your phone.  What that means is… Liquid damage to your phone will void any warranty honored by the manufacturer.

The director of our retail stores told me a story about a customer who just bought a HTC Hero when it first came out, and as soon as they walked out the door, the phone slipped out of their hand and fell into a puddle.  Luckily, they had insurance, and they were able to replace the phone at a minimal cost.

See your IVC wireless solution center or agent location about adding insurance to your phone!

No insurance?  You may be able to save your phone with  a “Save-A-Phone” kit only $19.95 at Wireless Solution Centers:

Call it a virtual lifesaver, because Save-A-Phone comes to the rescue when an unexpected dunking happens. Just place your phone (or MP3 player, camera, gaming device or remote) in the resealable, airtight bag along with the Drying Agent Packs and the moisture will be drawn out. It works wonders when sensitive electronics have been in a high-humidity environment or have been completely submerged in freshwater. A moisture indicator lets you know when the process is complete. Made from Mylar foil and clear polyethylene with low Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate.  Includes two Drying Agent Packs. Process takes from four to 72 hours.

To learn more about drying out a liquid damaged phone, see this article from wikihow.