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APP: New Google “Cloud” Music Service

If you’re a “googlehead,”  chances are… you’ve been beta testing the new Google Music “cloud” service for some time.   How does it work?  You sign up for a google music account, get a music uploader, and upload your music (up to 20,000 songs) to your cloud.  Then, you stream your music to your android or desktop for FREE! –>

Also, you’ll soon see the Music Store open on the android market.  There are a ton of free songs available… BUT, you have to enter your credit card info.  You’ll soon be able to buy songs from the Android Market on your device.  You can NOW buy the music from your desktop computer. –>

Get 50 Free Songs with BBM Music!

Get 50 free songs from BBM Music!  The new BlackBerry music service offers 50 free songs, and you’ll have access to the 50 free songs your BBM friends have!!  In no time you could rack up hundreds of free tracks!

Now, how about a quick refresh on the beta release: BBM Music is a BBM-connected social music service that allows BBM and BlackBerry smartphone users to discover, play and grow their music collections together. In other words, BBM Music helps you connect with your friends around music on a whole new level.


BBM Music


VIDEO: NEW BlackBerry Music Service

Everything is in the “Cloud.”

Several companies have released “cloud-based’ music services… Amazon, Google, soon Apple… Now, RIM is getting in the game with BlackBerry Music.

It’s a $5 a month service that will stream your favorite tunes to your phone, and you’ll be able to use facebook and twitter to share your music with your friends.

BBM Music allows users to build and share music libraries with support from big name labels including Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music and EMI. –

The folks at CrackBerry review the new service which launched this week: