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UPDATE: New Software Fixes Bugs on Samsung i500

The NEWEST software version (Android 2.3.5) for the Samsung i500 Showcase is NOW available.  We released a 2.3.4 version about 3 weeks ago, but now we have a 2.3.5 version available.  The easiest way to perform the update is to install the Kies Mini.exe file and it will walk you through it.

What does this improve?

  • Includes a security upgrade
  • Improves laggyness while downloading applications
  • Hotspot improvements
  • Improves incoming calls/missed call alerts – If you are using data and get off, there was a 20 sec. delay where if you received a call you may not get an alert.  Also, if this happened, you occasionally wouldn’t get a missed call alert.
  • Overall functionality and screen lag
  • Greatly improves the email client from 2.2.2 to 2.3 5 (Froyo to Gingerbread)