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Illinois Valley Cellular is on Foursquare! But what is it?

Foursquare is a location-based social networking service, mostly used on smartphones. The idea is that people “check-in” to venues they’re at — restaurants, bars, stores, etc. — which lets users keep track of where their friends are hanging out. There’s also a game involved, where users earn points for their activity and unlock “badges.” And if you check-in the most to a venue, you become the “mayor.” The company has signed numerous partnerships with big brands to promote the service, and is working on business development projects with local merchants.

Illinois Valley Cellular has joined the Foursquare phenomenon. We will soon be offering deals through check-ins at all 11 of our Wireless Solutions Centers. Below are some screen shots of what Foursquare is like. Check out Foursquare for yourself and make a game of it. Have fun with your friends and have fun with us!

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