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Unlimited Data. Why is that Important?

Everything is going to “the cloud.”

What is “the cloud?”

The cloud is a remote server that “streams” your data to your pc, phone, tablet, etc.  For example, store your documents on google docs and access and change them “remotely.”  Store your music on Amazon or Google and “stream” your music.

Instead of taking up space on your already clogged with apps smartphone… You can stream your entire music library, instead of having to pick and choose which songs you want to sync to your device.

I wanted to see how much data I use… Just streaming for a few hours over the weekend… And it quickly added up.

Get UNLIMITED DATA from IV Cellular.  Break free from capped data… Join the IV Cellular Unlimited data network.

BTW — for those STRADDLED with DATA CAPS.  The app I used is called 3G watchdog.