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BlackBerry Voicemail Setup

If for some reason your voicemail number resets on your phone (most common reason is a software update.)

The IVC Voicemail Number is 815-488-6245 (MAIL)

Here’s how to fix it from BlackBerry Support:

Change the voice mail access number and password

If a voice mail access number is not already set on your BlackBerry® device, you can type the access number for a different voice mail system.

Note: If you change the voice mail password on your device, you must also call your voice mail system to change the password there. Otherwise, the password for your voice mail is not updated in your voice mail system. If you forget your voice mail password, call your wireless service provider to get a new password.

  1.  From the Home screen, press the Send key.
  2.  Press the Image of Menu key. key > Options > Voice Mail.
  3.  Type a voice mail access number and a password.
  4.  Press the Menu key > Save.

Setting up HTC Hero Voicemail

We recently sent an update which may have reset your voicemail on your HTC Hero.

Programming IVC Voicemail:

  • Press on Menu Button
  • Select Settings
  • Select Call Settings
  • Press on Voicemail Settings
  • Press on Voicemail Number
  • Enter in 8154886245
  • Press OK


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