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3 In 1 Car and Wall Charger Exclusively @ IVC

You ever want a charger for the wall and for the car all in one? We have the perfect solution. I just bought one and I take it everywhere with me. This thing is a life saver especially if I’m going on a road trip. All you need is the 3 in 1 charger and the USB cable to your phone. It has 2 USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. They are $34.95 plus tax from IVC but totally worth it and a great price. Supplies are limited so get yours before they run out! Don’t forget to join Foursquare and check in at one of our 11 Wireless Solutions Centers to unlock our Newbie special and get 10% off this already great deal. Make sure you show the Foursquare special to the sales associate. Hurry the Newbie special is only valid until May 31st!