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Restricting Questionable YouTube Content [VIDEO]

It started so innocently…  You let your 8 year old watch a Barbie video someone made on YouTube…  Ten minutes later…

“Mommy, I don’t think I’m supposed to be looking at this.”

As your young daughter hands you the phone, displayed on the screen is a couple fully engaged in some simulated NC 17 action.

What the… Seriously?  How did we go from Barbie and Ken making cookies to a reenactment of Kim Kardashian’s most popular film?!

This is what I refer to as…


I first discovered it when my oldest son wanted to watch Monster Trucks on YouTube.  I walked over after 5 minutes, and he was watching videos about the Dubai Airport.  THE YOUTUBE RABBIT HOLE. 

Let’s work on this… We can start by filtering search.

Step 1: Click on settings

Step 1: Click on settings


Step 2: Click on Search


Step 3: Safe Search Filtering


Step 4: Click “Strict” settings… This will reduce even the slightest offensive tags from appearing.

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