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BlackBerry Voicemail Setup

If for some reason your voicemail number resets on your phone (most common reason is a software update.)

The IVC Voicemail Number is 815-488-6245 (MAIL)

Here’s how to fix it from BlackBerry Support:

Change the voice mail access number and password

If a voice mail access number is not already set on your BlackBerry® device, you can type the access number for a different voice mail system.

Note: If you change the voice mail password on your device, you must also call your voice mail system to change the password there. Otherwise, the password for your voice mail is not updated in your voice mail system. If you forget your voice mail password, call your wireless service provider to get a new password.

  1.  From the Home screen, press the Send key.
  2.  Press the Image of Menu key. key > Options > Voice Mail.
  3.  Type a voice mail access number and a password.
  4.  Press the Menu key > Save.

VIDEO: Setting Up Email on BlackBerry

Setting up email is a breeze on BlackBerry.  Bobby shows you how to set up email on BlackBerry OS 5, OS 6, and OS 7.

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Difference between BlackBerry OS 5 & OS6

Which BlackBerry is right for you?  Here, we break down the difference between OS5 and OS6.

Blackberry Software 5.0 introduces the following feature on top of its existing functionality

(1) Email – Flags for follow ups and Mail folder management was introduced. In Flagging, assign due date, apply different colours and set reminders are added features which makes user to follow up important mails with priority.

(2) Calendar – Forward a calendar entry and view attachments from calendar entries.

(3) Files – Find, open, view, edit, save or email JPEG, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint files directly from phone running Blackberry OS 5.

(4) Contacts – Wireless Contact Synchronization sync contacts in multiple contact folders and personal distribution list in users desktop.

(5) Gmail – Supports for many of the Gmail features like search, labels, stars, archive, conversation view and report spam.

(6) SMS – Displays as SMS threads looks like chat with emoticons and display pictures.

(7) Time Zone Automatic Detection is a known feature most of the phones do.

(8) BlackBerry Browser – Improved capabilities to experience the rich animations.

(9) BlackBerry Maps – Zoom available for close look, faster route calculation, automatic address detection (From email or web pages),Point of Interests and its rating in blackberry maps, Navigation, Photo Geotagging.

Blackberry Software 5.0 supports for the following models of Illinois Valley Cellular Blackberry handsets:

Available on: Storm 2 9550, Bold 9650*

*can upgrade to OS6


Blackberry OS 6 is enhanced with the following features on top of its existing feature list from previous softwares

(1) Customised and Organised new home screen menu with customised add option of other menu items.

(2) Introducing two quick access areas,

a. One quick access area to manage connections, alarms and option screens.

b. Other quick access area on home screen is to enable access to most recent messages such as emails, SMS,BBM (Blackberry Messenger),Phone calls, upcoming appointments and facebook and twitter notifications.

(3) Introduces Universal Search Application to perform searches internally in the handset as well as web searches.

(4) Blackberry OS 6 Browser – Faster Browsing than ever before

a. New Start Page – Its implemented with a single URL entry box and Search entry box to enable user fast browsing

b. Tabbed Browsing – Enables user to browse multiple pages and keep tracking of open tabs.

c. Social feeds integration and option menu – Enable RSS feeds better than earlier versions and in browser options unnecessary options are automated and really wanted options are made available for users.

d. View Content Made Easy – Zoom of content is made easy and perfect by introducing multi touch in touch screen models. Its possible in normal models as well.

(5) Enhanced Media Player introduced.

Available on: Curve 9330, Style 9670


The BlackBerry software updates are not compatible with all devices, to check your Illinois Valley Cellular device for updates, click here.